Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My cool cat !

Well , here's a photo of my late Mana as a right cool cat . He will just let you do whatever you want to him . His body is so soft that we also call old fur-ball ! Its like he has no bones at all !

I use to smother his soft tummy with kisses , buried and rubbed my face 'into' his tummy. I would sniff him hard . He has that clean smell whichI love so much. I can still recall that particular smell if I wanted to. You see, Mana never leaves the house ! He spends all his life in-doors after he was sick and hospitalised for about 10 days when he was hardly 1 year old !

His body is also my pillow . Whenever I see him asleep on the floor, I would also lie down -- on the floor and put my head on his body while slowly pushing my palm under his body.

If he was in a good mood, he would just be quiet and 'layan' me. But when he was not, he would get up, walked away while grumbling with his mewing. Sometimes I would follow him just to irritate him and repeated the whole thing. Next , he would go to where we keep our shoes and just sat on all the shoes and waited for me to come.----Of course I lost -- and left him alone.

He had an uncanny sense of time. You see, I sleep out in the hall and he would be sleeping anywhere near, beside me, at my feet or near my head. But one thing is for sure . Sharp at 5 am , he would mew into my ears softly to wake me up. If I don't, he would mew slightly louder. If by the third, I was still sleeping , he lightly bite me, He has bitten my ears, my hands and my legs.

6.00pm every evening, if the air-con wasn't switched on, he would be mewing while looking up at the air-con. By 10.30pm, he would mew at me to get my matteress ready in front of the TV , so that he could lie on it.

Every morning , he would see me off to to work by sitting near and watching me putting on my shoes. There are mornings when I would be in front of the computer before I leave for work, which is about 7.00 am. By 7.10 am, he would come to the computer room , looked at me and mewed in acertain way asking me to move my butt and go to work. One day , I realised it wasn't because he cared about my going to work, apparently, whenever I leave for work, he would go to sleep. So as soon as I left, he would got to sleep.

His sense of noise frequency is also amazing. He could recognize the sound of my car engine. Whenever I came into the car-park, he would get up and wait for me at the door.

He is particular about his food. Give him anything he didn't like, he would sit with his backside to the food. If he litter-box is dirty, he would come to me, mewed and mewed until I followed him. Of course he would bring me to his sand box. His favourite fish is 'ikan tengirri'. He would go crazy with it. I would always share with him.

After he left us, I stopped eating this fish---even up to now because it would be just too painful for me.

You might find it hard to believe this , but there are more idisyncracies oand percularities of Mana which I have not written---and not many would believe it. Mana---wherever you are ---I still do miss you dear !
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