Sunday, August 23, 2009

A-little-happier-than-last-night's photos

My neighbourhood this time .

tt revisited 2

well of course ---my ride...


....and the little rides at the remote control cars circuit.

Above, using the tiltable live view, the camera is on the ground actually.

Compare the above to the one I took yesterday---its miles better !

Taman TT Revisited


taking close-ups of flowers not really my cup of tea, but still...

more to come later.................

Saturday, August 22, 2009


More from the Lake....

I'm not really happy with the photos and will go back tomorrow morning - if the weather allows...


Reflection and lines...

I love the blending of the line of the pavement, hedges and trees.

The horses are so gentle and proud. I took a few close-ups of the horse's 'face'

This is actuall a track for horse-riding. I took it for its white curling railings.

Love the way this tree spread its growth upwards and outwards.

These are actually bamboo plants that had been 'controlled' during their growth to give them a 'waist'

Such a nice quiet hideaway

This does give an upside down impression

The average size of each photo is 5 MB so you can just guess how long it took to upload these ! So of course these are not ALL the photos taken that morning in Tasik Titiwangsa.